Video: Northern Idaho Cemetery Desecrated, Ashes Stolen


Police in the North Idaho community of Kellogg have issued a warrant for a second suspect in connection with a break-in at the town cemetery, where two men desecrated remains of the dead. KREM-TV is reporting that the suspects broke into an urn wall at the Kellogg Cemetery, broke into several urns and scattered ashes around the grounds of the cemetery. Officials said it will be difficult to determine which ashes belong to which family.

Robert McCool, 20, was arrested in connection with the incident and a warrant has been issued for another man, Jeremiah Miller. They're expected to be charged with grand theft, malicious injury and desecration of a burial site.

One of the families devastated by the incident say they'll hold another memorial service to honor the memory of their grandparents.

"We know that they're in heaven. They're happy, they're together. But this is sacred, this is sacred," said Debbie Mikesell, whose grandparents' ashes were desecrated.