KTVB: Idaho Teacher Kills, Skins Rabbit in Front of Biology Class


A Nampa public school teacher is apologizing in the wake of a graphic demonstration played out in his 10th grade biology class last week.

KTVB-TV is reporting that the Columbia High School teacher snapped the neck of a live rabbit, killing the animal, and then skinned and cut up the rabbit in front of his class. The unnamed educator is facing possible disciplinary action, though school officials wouldn't say whether the teacher had been suspended pending an investigation.

"It's not appropriate in the 10th grade class," Nampa district spokeswoman Allison Westfall told KTVB. "It wasn't approved by the administration, it's not part of biology [class,] so that judgment is not appropriate for that type of lesson in the classroom at 10th grade."

The teacher was reportedly reluctant to show the students how to prepare a rabbit for a meal, but relented when encouraged by some of the students. Other students chose to leave the room during the demonstration. The teacher reportedly raises animals and had brought the rabbit to class as part of a demonstration.