Idaho State Ed Board Approves Altered Tiered Licensure Proposal


A number of Idaho educators say they need some time to parse through the numerous changes made to a tiered licensure proposal that was approved by the Idaho State Board of Education Nov. 13.

Following a string of public hearings on the matter, the board gathered in a packed Idaho Statehouse meeting room to give its unanimous approval to the plan.

IdahoEd News reports that several key changes were made to the tiered licensure proposal, including the removal of one of the tiers—moving down to two instead of three tiers; removal of performance requirements and accountability provisions for professional teachers; scaling back an "observation" requirement for teachers in the residency tier—leaving only one observation instead of two; and giving school districts the flexibility to extend by one year the time frame for beginning teachers to advance to a professional tier in three years.

Boise Independent School District Superintendent Don Coberly told IdahoEd News that he likeed the changes but still needed to read the new proposal carefully.

"It is a much improved version, but there will still be some things to work out," Coberly told IdahoEd News. "Hopefully the implementation team will take care of some of that."

Meanwhile the superintendent of the West Ada (Meridian) School District, Linda Clark, said she was "impressed" with the changes.

"We made a huge step forward," she said.

The 2015 Idaho Legislature will get the final say in the matter when it convenes in January.