National LGBT Equality Index: Boise Scores Well, Poor Marks for Meridian, Nampa


Four cities in Idaho—Boise Meridian, Nampa and Idaho Falls—are among the 353 cities across the nation that are graded in the just-released 2014 Municipal Equality Index, assessing LGBT protections. The Washington, D.C-based Human Rights Campaign issued the third annual report, rating LGBT inclusion in municipal law and policy.

While the state of Idaho rated 53 out of 100 points, falling below the national average of 59, the following cities were also ranked:

Boise: 74 out of 100 points
Meridian: 42 out of 100 points
Nampa: 37 out of 100 points
Idaho Falls: 60 out of 100 points.

Boise scored high in several sub-categories: 18 out of 18 for nondiscrimination laws, 12 out of 12 for relationship recognition, 18 out of 29 for municipality as an employer, 18 out of 18 for law enforcement and 8 out of 8 for relationship with the LGBT community. But Boise scored very poorly—0 out 15—for municipal services. Boise picked up some bonus points, totaling 74.