Video: Deadly Force Incident Outside of North Idaho Hospital


Details are beginning to emerge from this past summer's fatal shooting of a woman outside of Bonner General Hospital in Idaho's Panhandle region. The Bonner County Daily Bee reports that two police officers have been cleared of criminal wrongdoing in connection with the shooting.

It was July 8 when officers were called to Bonner General. That's where they found 35-year-old Jeanetta Riley holding a knife in the parking lot outside the hospital. The Kootenai County Prosecutor's Office has concluded that lethal force was justified in Riley's death.

Officers said they repeatedly and loudly told Riley to drop the knife and show her hands, but she continued to wave her arms and yell at the officers, saying, "Bring it on." When she walked toward the policemen, they fired five shots, three of which struck the woman.

Meanwhile, KREM-TV has obtained dash and body cam video from the incident: