Collister-State Intersection Debate Will Surface at ACHD


In the run-up to the general election that brought significant change to the Ada County Highway District, Boise Weekly reported the plight of two citizens, identifying themselves as residents of Boise's Collister neighborhood, who shared their experience of being treated shabbily by ACHD (BW, News, "Changing Lanes?" Oct. 22, 2014).

"We were treated very poorly when we approached the ACHD," said Nadene Kranz. "First, ACHD commissioners told us that we were jumping the gun on the issue, but the next thing we know, ACHD staff was telling us that everything was a foregone conclusion. It was a terrible experience."

"The issue" is ACHD's plan to bring change to the Collister neighborhood. In particular, ACHD commissioners are considering options for reconfiguring the Collister-State Street intersection, in preparation of widening State Street to seven lanes.

And when Kranz and Monique Zehler brought their frustration to an October ACHD candidates forum, it gained significant traction, with more than one candidate jumping on their bandwagon.

"It's a broken agency," said Kent Goldthorpe. "ACHD is defined by pettiness and political infighting."

"Making important decisions with less public input makes my skin crawl," said Paul Woods.

And indeed Goldthorpe and Woods were victorious in the ACHD election. 

But it will be the current incarnation of ACHD that will meet Wednesday afternoon to take up the Collister issue. On the table are a few options, including a reconstruction of the Collister-State intersection, closing the current intersection and realigning the roads, or even to do nothing. ACHD gavels into session at noon on Wednesday.