Drywall Collapse at Sun Valley Construction Site Kills One, Injures Four


Officials with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Idaho Division of Building Safety are on the scene of a Sun Valley construction accident that killed one and injured four more people.

Emergency responders from throughout the Wood River region rushed to the scene, where new townhomes were being built on Trail Creek Road as part of the Sun Valley Diamondback Townhomes developments.

The Idaho Mountain Express reports that 46-year-old Ricardo Ayala-Martinez was pronounced dead at St. Luke's Wood River hospital after being buried by debris at the construction site. Officials said it took 20 minutes to get to the victim's body. An official with the Sun Valley Police Department said two heavy sides of drywall collapsed on a number of workers Friday afternoon. The Sun Valley Fire Department needed to deploy a ladder truck to retrieve some of the victims, who were on a second floor of the construction site. 

The Mountain Express reports that construction workers were "visibly shaken" while giving statements to law enforcement.  The medical conditions of the survivors were not immediately available.