Video: Idaho Archers Will Take Aim at Deer on Airport Runway


Archers in North Idaho will take dead aim at deer in an effort to keep the animals clear of the runway at Sandpoint Airport. KREM-TV reports that airport officials complain that wild deer need to be regularly chased from the runway to prevent the animals from being hit by planes that are taking off or landing.

"An aircraft can taxi right by them and they won't even lift their head," said airport manager Dave Schuck. "That's a problem when you have airplanes taking off and landing."

Airport officials say there have been four deer-related accidents at the airport since 2000. Yes, the airport has a fence around a good portion of the facility, but officials say that hasn't prevented deer from gathering on the runway.

So now, Sandpoint officials have given a local archer's club permission to hold a bow hunt at the airport. The archers are expected to take aim as early as this Saturday, Nov. 8.