Video: Spokane VA Will Reduce Emergency Room Hours


Veterans who access a Veterans Affairs medical center in Spokane, which regularly provides services to vets in Idaho's Panhandle, were stunned Wednesday when KHQ-TV reported that the Spokane Mann-Grandstaff VA Medical Center was preparing to curtail its emergency room hours. The hospital confirmed that it would soon be cutting its ER hours in half and would only be open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The VA cited staffing issues for the cutback. The reduction in services will be effective in December.

A regional VA spokeswoman in Vancouver, Wash., told KHQ-TV that there would be two ER doctors on staff during the reduced hours.

In an exclusive interview with KHQ-TV, a physician said he recently stepped away from his position at the Spokane VA emergency room because "the workload became too much and the resources too little."

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