McCall Sales Tax Initiative Fails By a Whisker


A majority of voters in McCall agreed that the city ought to bump up its sales tax rate, but not enough turned out at the polls Tuesday to secure a needed super majority to pass the measure.

Voters were asked whether they would be comfortable with a 1 percent bump in the city's sales tax, from 6 percent to 7 percent. A 60 percent majority was necessary to pass the increase but only 59.3 percent voted in favor of the measure. Ultimately, 480 voted yes and 398 voted no.

The McCall Star-News reports that proponents of the higher tax said it would help the city "catch up" on a blacklog of repairs to city streets and sewers. They said the increased tax would have generated at least $1 million per year to help fix the city's infrastructure.

Proponents also argued that the the majority of the tax burden would have fallen on visitors to the resort community.