Idaho House Minority Leader in 'a Bit of a Fog' After Nail-Biting Win


Idaho House Minority Leader John Rusche had to fight for his political life in this week's election. Rusche's Legislative District 6 straddles Lewis and Nez Perce counties and he and his Republican opponent Mike Kingsley had to wait until Wednesday to get the unofficial results. When all the dust had settled, Rusche had won a sixth term by only 48 votes.

"Things have been in a bit of a fog today," Rusche wrote on his Facebook page Wednesday evening. "Thanks to all of my friends and supporters and the voters of District 6. And congratulations to Mike Kingsley and the D6 GOP who certainly gave me a serious run."

Ultimately, Rusche lost Lewis County but made up the difference in Nez Perce County. Final tally:

John Rusche: 6,254 (426 votes in Lewis and 5,828 in Nez Perce)

Mike Kingsley: 6,206 (775 votes in Lewis and 5,431 in Nez Perce)

The Idaho House race for District No. 6 Position A also saw a tight race with Democrat Dan Rudolph emerging victorious over incumbent GOP Rep. Thyra Stevenson. Rudolph won by a mere 26 votes, giving House Democrats a gain of one seat at the legislature.