Video: Missoula Woman Talks to 60 Minutes Sports About U of M Assault


Kelsey Belknap - 60 MINUTES SPORTS
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The University of Montana, which has been rife with reports of sexual assaults on or near campus, woke up to another stunner this morning, when a Missoula woman came forward with her story of being gang-raped by four University of Montana football players in December 2010. Kelsey Belknap revealed her identity for the first time in a 60 Minutes Sports interview that will be aired this evening on the Showtime network.

According to 60 Minutes Sports, Belknap will discuss details of her attack. She says three of the football players were punished and the fourth was expelled by the school, but no criminal charges were ever filed.

The U.S. Department of Justice announced in 2012 that it was looking into more than 80 reports of sexual assault in only three years in Missoula. And in a scathing report issued this year, the DOJ accused Missoula prosecutors of giving sexual assault cases their lowest priority.

“It feels like a recurring dream and a horrible one at that,” Belknap told 60 Minutes Sports. “They got away with a crime that affected me in so many ways that they don’t understand that, I mean, no one besides people who have been assaulted will understand.”

Ultimately, Missoula County prosecutors decided not to prosecute the case.