Video: 'Breaking Bad' Killer Sentenced to 14 Years


He became known as the "Breaking Bad Killer," but there was nothing entertaining about his heinous crime or his 14-year sentence, which was handed down Friday in a Washington courtroom.

Jason Hart, 28, of Nine Mine Falls, Wash., was reportedly a big fan of Breaking Bad and prosecutors say he even bought a series of DVDs of the TV series before the murder happened. He's accused of strangling his girlfriend, Regan Jolley, and soaking her naked body in a tub of acid. Prosecutors say the murder was inspired by a Breaking Bad episode.

"The only thing I know or feel about it—that was his favorite series. That's what he told me. I think he used it as instructions to go do what he was doing to dispose of the body," Dean Settle, Hart's roommate, said to the police in 2013.

KREM-TV reports that a Spokane County judge sent Hart to prison for 14 years as part of a plea deal for second-degree murder. 

In September, Jolley's family told KREM-TV that they thought the 14-year recommended sentence is nowhere near what he should face in prison. They said, "the justice system is out of whack."