Video: Roaming Camel Inspires Hump Day in Spokane Neighborhood


  • KHQ-TV

The region has noted several unusual animal sightings over the years:  Horses, cattle, sheep, cougars, bears and moose have all been spotted at one time or another. But a Spokane neighborhood was taken aback earlier this week when a camel was seen roaming around.

KHQ-TV reports that it had received a tip that a two-humped camel was spotted in Spokane's Cannon Hill Park area on Oct. 29. A check with Spokane Police couldn't confirm the sighting, but photos of the camel started popping up on social media.

And this morning, KHQ-TV is reporting that it has confirmed that indeed a camel was roaming the city's south side. 

"Exactly why? We're not sure yet, however we do know there is a gentleman who owns the camel, it got loose and was caught by a woman out walking her dog."

And yes, someone was yelling, "It's Hump Day," on Wednesday.

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