KTVB: Unconventional Eagle HS Teacher Threatened With Termination


  • Photos from the "We Support Hatfield" Facebook page.

A group of Eagle High School students and parents have scheduled a rally for this Sunday, Nov. 2, to support a teacher that they say has been unfairly criticized and is now at risk of losing his job.

KTVB-TV reports that Clay Hatfield is known for an "unconventional teaching style," according to students.

"I think [the other teachers] know that I'm a little off-center to start with," Hatfield told KTVB-TV in 2010.

According to a parent, Hatfield reportedly said two swear words in class, though not directed toward any students. Hatifield also reportedly told the parent that he tossed a book to a student "and it accidentally hit the student."

But apparently enough complaints have surfaced that the West Ada School District (formerly the Meridian School District) is taking the rare step of holding a termination hearing Wednesday, Nov. 5.

In the meantime, parents are hoping that enough people show up for Sunday's rally at 1 p.m. at Eagle High School to demonstrate how much they want Hatfield to stay.