12th Street in Downtown Boise Debuts as Two-Way, 11th Street Reopens Friday


12th Street reopened Thursday as a two-way street

As part of the Downtown Boise Implementation Plan, the Ada County Highway District is shifting numerous streets in Boise's downtown core from one-way streets to two-ways to slow traffic. 11th Street is also in the process of conversion and will open Friday, Oct. 31. 

But that's not the last word on changes to downtown Boise's streets this autumn. Third and Fourth streets between Main and State streets, and Jefferson Street between First and Fourth streets, will also be converted to two-ways between now and 2015. 

Signal changes and other additions will accompany the conversions. Those include traffic changes on Third Street at Main and Idaho streets, on 11th Street between Main and State streets, and 12th Street between Main and Idaho streets.