Foothills Levy Dollars Buy Boise Expanded Access to Castle Rock Reserve


The city of Boise has made a land purchase that will allow the public expanded access to Castle Rock Reserve from the East End neighborhood.

Castle Rock Reserve has been accessible to the public since the city first established the space in 1990, and access has been enhanced by the establishment of the Ridge to Rivers trail system, but the $5,000 purchase of the long, narrow .44-acre stretch of land located between 600 and 610 N. Coston St. will connect Coston to Hot Springs Trail near the street's intersection with East Franklin Street.

Funds for the parcel were drawn from the two-year, $10 million Foothills serial levy. So far, the levy has bought or protected more than 10,735 acres of wildlife habitat, historic sites and recreation areas. With the Coston Linkage purchase, the fund now sits at $1.75 million.