KTVB: Closing of Idaho Center for Autism Leaves Few Options for Parents


The Idaho Center for Autism, a lifeline for scores of Treasure Valley families that require education and advocacy for children with autism, has gone dark.

KTVB-TV is reporting that the center closed its doors Oct. 15 after notifying staff and clients. At its busiest, the center employed more than 20 employees and contractors.

"What do you do with an 8-year-old who has autism who has been kicked out of public school, and yet the state is saying he should be in school, the school is saying we can't serve him," center director Stephanie Spencer told KTVB.

Spencer pointed to an Idaho loophole that does not mandate insurance companies provide funding for treatment. Simply put, children with autism who struggle in public schools have very few options.

""if the state offered the child four hours a week of therapy, the family might chip in for the fifth or sixth hour," Spencer told KTVB. "We just weren't able to help the people to the degree that we wanted to."