New Boise State Innovation and Design College to Create 'VIP' Teams to Solve Real-World Problems


Boise State University continued to extend its academic reach this morning when it announced that the State Board of Education had given the green light to a new College of Innovation and Design.

"The new college ... will encourage ideas and methodologies that bend and break disciplinary boundaries to boost creative thinking, and give students a chance to focus on problem-finding first, and then problem-solving," said Martin Schimpf, Boise State provost and vice president for academic affairs.

The new college will offer a new degree in "Gaming, Interactive Media and Mobile Technology," qualifying graduates to become mobile app developers, video game designers and web developers. The college will also include vertically integrated projects—or VIPs—that team undergrads with graduate students from various disciplines to solve real-world problems for industry and community partners.

"I think that scientists and engineers need to sound a little bit more like artists and humanists, and I think artists and humanists need to sound a little bit more like engineers," said Mark Rudin, Boise State vice president for research and economic development.