AP: Northern Nevada Shooting Spree Leaves Dozens of Cattle Dead


In the shadow of dozens of cattle being shot, ranchers in northern Nevada have begun their own reward fund to catch the culprits.

The Associated Press reports that the latest case was Oct. 15, bringing the total to approximately 60 head of cattle that have been been killed in northern Nevada since mid-summer. The AP says the shooting spree has occurred in remote areas between the Winnemucca and Wells areas of northern Nevada.

"We've had pockets of similar shootings in the past, but certainly not over such a widely scattered area," Ron Torrell, president of the Nevada Cattleman's Association, told the AP. "I don't have any idea whether it's someone with a vendetta against the livestock industry or young people out messing around."

A reward, which to date totals $20,600, is being offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction.