Sun Valley Marketing Guru Paints a Word Picture of 'Joe Sun Valley'


We've got a pretty good idea who "Joe Average" is. It turns out that he has a lot in common with "Joe Sun Valley."

This morning's Idaho Mountain Express reports that the marketing manager for the Sun Valley resort revealed some of his demographic data at a recent economic summit in the Wood River Valley.

Mike Fitzpatrick with the Sun Valley Resort told the Mountain Express that the typical visitor is a middle-aged American father in his late 40s in the summer and and a bit younger in the winter. And Fitzpatrick said about 40 percent of the visitors are also married with children, with the majority of those children between the ages of 6 and 15.

Typical visitors—the overwhelming majority are American—spend four days on vacation instead of a week like their European counterparts. 

Meanwhile, Fitzpatrick said getting to Sun Valley, through various flight connections, "requires some added commitment," but the Wood River community had been making "incredible strides" in securing more visitors.