Video: Washington Teacher Uses 'Wheel of Misfortune' to Punish Students


A 14-year veteran of a Washington State school district has been placed on leave after it was discovered that she was forcing students to spin the "wheel of misfortune" to determine punishment.

KATU-TV reports that the the teacher, Kem Patteson was placed on administrative leave from Stevenson High School in Skamania County after a KATU investigation revealed that students were being pelted with Koosh balls under the direction of the chemistry teacher.

In one incident last May, a boy attempted to protect his face with a book while his fellow students pelted him with Koosh balls. In another incident earlier this month, a girl was punished for chewing gum by facing the so-called "Koosh ball firing squad."  30 students and the teacher lined up to take turns to hit the girl with a Koosh ball.

The KATU report was part of a joint investigation with the Skamania County Pioneer newspaper.

School officials pulled Patteson out of her classroom shortly after videos of the incidents surfaced on television.

"We take any type of reported bullying very seriously and begin investigating the situation immediately," said a statement from the school district which has hired a third party investigator to look into the matter.