Off-Leash Season in Ann Morrison Park Will Launch Nov. 1


Saturday, Nov. 1, is Halloween and Christmas rolled into one for Boise dogs. That's the day that they'll be able to roam free in parts of Ann Morrison Park.

This year marks the third year of the city of Boise's off-leash program at the park, which runs through the end of February, and has an added agenda—to scare away some of the hundreds of geese that winter in the riverside park.

In particular, off-leash dogs are allowed from the park's fountain to the east border of the park. 

“The dog off-leash program has been an effective way to minimize turf damage caused by large concentrations of geese in the park,” said Tom Governale, superintendent of parks.

In January 2013, workers counted 10 geese in the eastern section of the park — down from 485 geese a year earlier.

The end of the off-leash program coincides with the start of practice season for local soccer teams.