Coin Collector: Parking Commission Employee Charged With Robbing Meters


It's one thing for a public servant to steal $10,000 in public funds. It's something else when it's all in coins.

The Missoulian is reporting that a parking commission employee is charged with felony theft and, ironically, he's out on $10,000 bond.

Prosecutors say Duane Larson—a 14-year-veteran of the Missoula Parking Commission—stole $10,000 from parking meters that he was supposed to be fixing. He allegedly stole the cash over a two-year period.

He was arrested after an employee at a local credit union took note that Larson was making unusually large deposits... in coins. When police looked inside Larson's truck, they discovered a plastic container full of coins. 

Meanwhile, on Oct. 10, Missoula officials said that they hadn't noticed any decrease in revenue from the alleged thefts. It's not the first time a city employee has been charged with stealing. In 1993, a former parking commissioner was convicted of stealing thousands of dollars from parking meters.