Video: Take a Look At These Cops Blowing Through a Speed Zone Without Being Ticketed


It's the most popular video in Washington state: a string of vehicles speeding, some in excess of 80 miles per hour, on a four-lane Washington highway. 

It turns out the drivers were police officers—some in private vehicles, others in marked and unmarked patrol cars—and despite their illegal speeds, none of them were pulled over by fellow officers.

KOMO-TV reports that the video was taken by Bill Gillam, who was traveling to Spokane when he noticed that Washington State Troopers were targeting a stretch of highway outside of Wenatchee, Wash. That's when Gillam turned on his police scanner to capture some of the audio from law enforcement, which was clearly identifying the speeding vehicles.

"It became very clear that they were letting patrol cars go through the speed zone, or speeding emphasis area, without stopping them, without warning them, without issuing them citations, and multiple occasions they were doing 20 miles over the speed limit," Gillam told Spokane NBC affiliate KHQ.

None of the speeding cops, who were reportedly running late for a conference, were given tickets; instead their being told the incident is a "teachable moment" about setting a good example for other drivers.

But get this: Washington State Police announced on Friday that as "gesture" to all of the other motorists driving nearby, authorities have voided any speeding tickets issued on the same day.

"It's a matter of simple fairness given the circumstances that we all can see," a spokesman for Washington State Police told ABC News.