Have You Seen This Painting? Boise Weekly Desperately Needs Your Help


Boise Weekly is in desperate need of your help.

One of our paintings is missing.

In the run-up to Boise Weekly's annual Cover Auction, Thursday, Oct. 16, where we raise funds for the local artist community, one of this year's most beautiful paintings has gone missing.  

While we were moving artwork to Gallery Five18 on the afternoon of Oct. 10, we noticed that one of the pictures went missing. It had been placed, along with some other paintings, outside of our offices at the corner of Sixth and Broad streets as we were bringing a vehicle up to the curb to transport the pieces. Sometime around 5:30 p.m., the work (pictured above) disappeared. 

We're still hoping that whoever picked it up didn't have ill intentions; all we ask is that the painting be returned as soon as possible so that we may auction it this coming Thursday.

It's a spectacular painting and it's rather large—it's approximately 40 inches by 28 inches—so it can't be hidden for long.

The picture appeared on the cover of the July 16, 2014, edition of Boise Weekly.

The piece, entitled "View from Zoo," is oil on canvas and is the stunning work of Boise's own Cody Rutty. Needless to say, he—and we—are heartbroken, and we're hoping that the painting can be returned, no questions asked, before we turn to law enforcement for their help in solving this incident.

Please take a good look at this painting and ask around town. Somebody has to know its whereabouts.