Missoula Police Push Back Against 'Disco Bloodbath'


Police in Missoula, Mont., say they've seen one Disco Bloodbath too many.

Organizers had hoped to throw their fifth-annual all-night Halloween event in a couple of weeks, but the Missoula PD has denied their sound permit. In fact, this morning's Missoulian reports that organizers say the police told them that previous Disco Bloodbaths had seen too many drug overdoses, underage drinking and suicide attempts—all of which organizers are denying.

In fact, event director Logan Foret told the Missoulian that the rave was a "safe event for people to go to on Halloween," and that there hasn't been one major incident in the last two years, except for a few drug busts in 2012. Foret also said the "suicide attempt" was actually a medical incident involving a person who had previously cut him- or herself.

The event has drawn thousands in previous incarnations.

“This event gets a lot of judgment from the community, but it’s tough because a lot of those same people who judge have never attended and have no idea what the event is about,” Foret told the Missoulian.