Incessant Disney Song Inspires School Kids to Pay to Stop the Music (For Good Cause)


A Spokane, Wash., middle school has found a unique way to raise funds: get kids to donate to a good cause and, at the same time, stop a Disney song from incessantly playing on the school's intercom.

KREM-TV reports that Sacajawea Middle School was looking for something other than traditional bake sales or raffles in order to raise funds for school activities. And they weren't having much luck at the beginning of this year's fundraising drive. KREM says that's when student leaders took over and suggested that a particular Disney song be played over and over to annoy students into donating to the drive.

So every day as students are walking to classes in between periods, "It's a Small World" is played over the school intercom.

"If it gets annoying enough to have it shut off, they bring in money," student body President Michael Flaherty told KREM. 

Each time the school reaches its daily goal, the song is played one less time.