Idaho SOS Candidate Woodings Launches IdaVotes App


Holli Woodings is an Idaho House Representative, representing Boise's 19th legislative district. She's also, along with husband Ryan, an owner of MetaGeek—a Boise-based computer software company. With her interests in politics and technology, it's not a huge surprise that she helped craft something called IdaVotes, an application that prompts current- and would-be voters to know more about the upcoming November election. A group of recent Boise State graduates were also part of the design team

"When you look at an entire generation of people not voting that is a lack of representation,” she said. “It is intended to be a voter guide. It provides you information like where to vote and who will be on your ballot.”

Woodings, who's currently the Democratic candidate for Idaho Secretary of State (and running against Republican Rep. Lawrence Denney), chose a high-profile platform to announce the unveiling of the app: a candidate forum.

Woodings pointed out that the voter app was "completely neutral, unbiased and impartial." The bottom panel of the app reads that is "Paid for by Woodings for Idaho."

“We are only linking the information that the candidates give about themselves,” Woodings told Boise Weekly. "When you go into the app there is no favoritism shown to me, my opponent’s, or any of my friends in the legislature. Our campaign hasn’t produced any content and we’ve only provided information.”

IdaVotes is available on the Apple and Google platforms. While Woodings is happy with the initial roll-out of the application, she is hoping to incorporate some new features.

“We are looking at adding push notifications to remind users its voting day, calendar event so it will directly add it to your calendar on your phone, and add some more social media tie ins,” she said, adding that the app was already a hit," she said. “I have people come up to me, email, and text telling me how great the app is.”

Woodings said that she expected the app to have a great impact as the election grows closer.

“If we can turnout a few more voters then the whole thing has been worth it,” Woodings said. “The goal is to increase voter turnout and get people more educated and engaged.”