HP: Company Split Triggers More Layoffs


The other shoe dropped Monday when Hewlett-Packard officials confirmed that they were preparing to split the company in two. They also confirmed that HP would shed another 5,000 workers from its payroll. Added to HP's previous pink slips, as many as 55,000 employee could be gone when its restructuring is complete, according to Forbes.

HP confirmed Monday that one of its business would be PCs and printers while the other half would be servers, data storage, software and networking. Combined, HP's PC and printing operations contributed about 50 percent of the company's latest quarterly net revenue of $27.6 billion. It's a particularly profitable business.

Current HP CEO Meg Whitman is expected to be the chairman of the PC and printer business and CEO of the separate enterprise-focused company. Patricia Russo, a former executive with Alcatell-Lucent, is expected to be the chair of the enterprise company

HP remains one of the Treasure Valley's biggest employers; it's believed that the Boise operation includes nearly 4,000 workers.