Daily Show Confrontation Between Redskins Fans and Montana Comedy Troupe 'Intense'


The controversy over Washington,D.C., naming its NFL team the "Redskins" erupted into an "intense situation" on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart when some Redskins fans found themselves face-to-face with a Native American comedy troupe from Montana.

This morning's Missoulian reports that one of the Redskins fans started crying and even called police, saying that she felt "in danger" and "defamed."

The comedy piece, featuring Daily Show regular Jason Jones began with the Redskins fans who don't want their team renamed in spite of its racial slur. But that's when members of the comedy group 1491 (you can guess what that signifies) walked into the room. Things unraveled quickly, according to the Missoulian.

Washington, D.C., police said no crime had been committed, but the fans are now threatening to sue Comedy Central and The Daily Show, in spite of the fact that they had signed consent forms to appear on the show.

The 1491s call themselves a "gaggle of Indians chock full of cynicism and splashed with a good dose of indigenous satire."