North Idaho Public Servants Accused of Malfeasance in Handling of Recall Election


In January, Boise Weekly reported on a controversial proposal from Lake Pend Oreille School Board Trustee Steve Youndahl that called for education staff to carry concealed weapons at his district's schools (BW, News, "Packing Heat," Jan. 8, 2014).

A number of residents thought they had secured a sufficient number of signatures and submitted the necessary paperwork to call for a recall election against the North Idaho school board member, but the recall election was called off when the Idaho Secretary of State's office said that backers of the recall effort didn't submit all of their petition signatures at once.

The controversy refuses to die.

Now, the Bonner County Daily Bee reports that two Bonner County officials have been accused of malfeasance in their handling of the recall process. Ann Dutson-Sater and Charles Wurm are both charged with malfeasance for allegedly accepting improperly-certified signature sheets. Dutson-Sater is also charged with subornation of perjury for allegedly allowing a recall organizer to testify that he had witnessed all of the recall signatures when he hadn't. Both have denied any criminal intent and insist that he had no connections to the recall effort.

The two county employees are due in Bonner County court on Wednesday, Oct. 8.