Tamarack to Return to 7-Day-a-Week Ski Operations


  • George Prentice

Anxious to turn the page away from the Valley County resort's troubled past, Tamarack operators say they're gearing up to resume seven-day operations for the 2014-2015 ski season.

In 2007, the Tamarack Resort, just outside of Donnelly, had experienced half-a-billion dollars in real estate sales and the ski runs were being hailed as some of the best in North America. But what once promised to be one of the finest resorts on the planet ended up in bankruptcy, with half-finished buildings and a bench warrant for former Tamarack owner, and still-missing, Jean-Pierre Boespflug.

Following a series of on-again, off-again auctions in which some of the last remaining pieces of the Tamarack Resort were to go on the block—including Tamarack's ski operations, hundreds of acres of land and an unfinished wing of the Lodge at Osprey Meadows—Credit Suisse walked away this past March with much of property after being the one and only bidder. The acquisitions came close to $80 million.

But in a carefully crafted press release issued this past August, Tamarack officials blamed many of their problems on "the implosion of the U.S. real estate market and arrival of the recession in early 2008," with no mention of the former owner who is still wanted by law enforcement.

And this morning, Tamarack announced that the resort's new ownership group, New TR Acquistion Co. LLC, or NEWTRAC, would operate seven days a week and add about 40 additional employees.

Additionally, Tamarack announced that it had hired Replay Resorts out of Vancouver, Canada, to oversee the operations of the resort.  Tamarack officials said they expected to refine their snowmaking system, upgrade their ski rental fleet, bring new snowcats and snowmobiles to the resort and improve the terrain park. 

Prospective employees are being directed to this website to apply for the new seasonal jobs.