Northwest Neighborhood Residents Will Push Back Against Proposed Apartments at Tonight's Boise Council Meeting


Opponents of a proposed development, which would see hundreds of apartments pop up north of State Street just west of Gary lane, say they'll be out in force this evening to tell the Boise City Council how much they don't want to see the complex.

Boise Planning and Zoning Commissioners initially denied the application for the project after neighborhood residents pushed back against the original plans to build 320 apartments on approximately 170,000 square feet. But developers came back to P and Z with a revised plan of 312 apartments on about 70,000 square feet. Neighbors still didn't like the idea but P and Z approved the plan from Hawkins Companies and Bach Homes.

And now the development comes before the Boise City Council this evening, which will have the final say—but not before neighbors say they'll once again voice their opposition.

"We're not trying to stop it completely, but we're trying to find a happy medium for everyone," said spokeswoman Lydia Hamilton. "This parcel is one of the last remaining opportunities for innovative mixed use in our city."

Representatives from Hawkins and Bach are expected to have their say at this evening's city council meeting, but so will more than a few neighbors who aren't pleased with the possibility that lawmakers could green-light the project.

This evening's meeting gets underway at 6 p.m. at Boise City Hall.