Report: Alleged 'Breaking Bad' Killer Strikes Plea Deal


The family of a Washington woman, allegedly killed by a man who is being called the "Breaking Bad killer," say a plea deal for the accused killer is way too lenient and that "the justice system is out of whack."

Jason Hart, 28, of Nine Mine Falls, Wash., was reportedly a big fan of Breaking Bad and prosecutors say he even bought a series of DVDs of the TV series before the murder happened. He's accused of strangling his girlfriend, Regan Jolley, and soaking her naked body in a tub of acid. Prosecutors say the murder was inspired by a Breaking Bad episode.

"The only thing I know or feel about it—that was his favorite series. That's what he told me. I think he used it as instructions to go do what he was doing to dispose of the body," Dean Settle, Hart's roommate, said to the police in 2013.

But now, KREM-TV is reporting that Hart is expected to plead guilty to second-degree murder, and in exchange, defense and prosecuting attorneys have agreed to ask for a sentence of just over 14 years. And that has the victim's family upset, telling KREM-TV that the proposed sentence is nowhere near what Hart should face in prison.

KREM-TV reports that the deal was finalized Sept. 26 and Hart is scheduled for sentencing in October.