IPUC Announces That Intermountain Gas Rates Will Increase ... This Week


Intermountain Gas is raising its rates, and you'll get little time to complain before the increase becomes effective this Wednesday, Oct. 1.

The Idaho Public Utilities Commission announced this morning that it had approved an Intermountain Gas rate increase of 2.64 percent as part of its annual Purchase Gas Cost Adjustment, better known as PGA.

The PGA allows rate adjustments to reflect Intermountain's cost of buying natural gas from its supplier. Any surpluses can't be used to increase the company's earnings, shareholder dividends or employee salaries. Conversely, any increase in the rate is passed directly to its customers.

Intermountain Gas has approximately 331,000 customers in 74 Southern Idaho communities.

Following five years of decreases, this is the first year that the PGA has been increased.

It's estimated that an average residential customer who uses gas for both space and water heating will see an increase of about $1.89 per month. Those who use gas only for space heating will pay about $1.40 more per month.