Threats of Water Shutoffs Prove Successful in Curing North Idaho Unpaid Bills


A North Idaho municipality has decided to play hardball in its attempt to collect overdue water bills.

KHQ-TV reports that Post Falls had piled up $75,000 in past due water bills before deciding to shut off the taps at some residents' homes. Most of the debt came from 115 accounts on the west side of Post Falls. And in one instance, a bill had gone unpaid for nearly four years, totaling $3,200.

Ultimately, the city's irrigation district targeted five delinquent accounts which, combined, made up for $10,000 in debt. And when the water was turned off at one of the homes, the residents made a full payment in order to restore the water service. The home that had racked up $3,200 in overdue bills resolved its issue just before its water would have been turned off.

City officials said in the past, they had filed liens on the properties and gone through small claims court to try to collect the debt but those efforts had been unsuccessful.

Spokane, North Idaho News