Do You Think This Shirt is Inappropriate for an Idaho Student?


It happens every school year: a student and parent pushing back against an Idaho school district's dress code. And the latest incident has surfaced in the Southeastern Idaho community of Montpelier. That's where a mother said her 13-year-old daughter came home in tears because she was told she violated the Bear Lake School District's dress code.

The Idaho State Journal reports that Kim Joslin says her daughter, an eighth-grader at Bear Lake Middle School, has already been called to the office twice regarding her attire. The latest incident, the mother said, occurred when her daughter was wearing a "Western-style shirt with a lace panel across the back and shoulders." But school officials said the girl's bra straps were visible and that's a violation. The mother insisted that her daughter's bra straps were not visible but was told by the principal that, "It could have been."

Below is a photo, published by the Idaho State Journal, of the controversial shirt that Joslin's 13-year-old daughter wore to class when she was reprimanded:

  • Idaho State Journal