Video: Hijacked Truck With Tons of Rotting Chicken Tied to Idaho Hauler


An ugly mystery of an abandoned trailer with some rotting cargo, discovered in a Montana truck stop, has been tied to a Nampa company.

This morning's Missoulian reports that a large white trailer had been sitting for days in the parking lot of the Town Pump Flying J truck stop in Missoula, Mont.

But then rancid juices began dripping from the truck, attracting hordes of flies. It was discovered that the trailer had been loaded with 35,000 pounds of raw chicken valued at $80,000.

And on Sept. 24, the Missoula County Sheriff's Office confirmed that a truck and trailer had been reported stolen within the past few days by the Dixie River Freight Company in Nampa. Law enforcement said a Dixie River employee texted the Idaho company that he would return the chicken but only if the company paid a ransom. When the company declined, the trailer was abandoned at the Montana truck stop.

There's still no word on the whereabouts of the trucker, now a criminal suspect. And Montana health officials are still looking for a way to discard the rotting carcasses. Sanitation officials say they're considering wrapping the truck and moving it to the dump for unloading.

“We’ll try to figure out, between parties, the best way to have the least amount of contact with the contents,” said Shannon Therriault with the Missoula City-County Health Department. “Whether the truck is cleanable and can be sanitized—if it’s going to carry food again—is up to the insurance company.”