Midas Gold: Dramatically Higher Prospects in Valley County


Midas Gold insists that it has pumped nearly $79 million into Valley County since 2010 and has been conducting test drillings at its mining claims near Yellow Pine.

And even though Midas Gold has yet to submit a formal mining plan to the Payette National Forest, company officials are already indicating that the mining claims contain as many as 5.4 million ounces of gold. And that could pull down as much as $5.5 billion.

This week's McCall Star-News reports that the numbers exceed earlier predictions by nearly 30 percent.

To date, Midas Gold has pulled approximately 27 miles of samples from the sites since 2012.

A full study on the claims is expected by the end of the year and that's expected to trigger Midas Gold's formal application to mine the area.

Midas Gold officials are estimating that they'll need as much of 50 megawatts of electricity to run their proposed production facility. Compare that to the 30 megawatts from Idaho Power to power much of Valley County in the summer.

Midas Gold is also proposing to use an access road to and from Yellow Pine to steer commercial vehicles away from area streams.