BYU-Idaho President's Facebook Post Decries 'Pants That Did Not Make It Down to the Ankle'


In the past few weeks, the leaders of Idaho's institutions of higher education (the University of Idaho just inaugurated Chuck Staben Friday as the university's 18th president) have welcomed the fall semester with messages focused on academics.

But a letter from Brigham Young University-Idaho President Kim Clark to his student body, focusing primarily on ... well, student bodies, is grabbing plenty of attention.

KSTU-TV is reporting that the comments, which surfaced on Clark's Facebook page, have triggered both criticism and support.

"The three things that caught my eye yesterday were pants that did not make it down to the ankle (some hemmed off 4-8 inches above the ankle, some pants rolled up that far); faces of young men not clean-shaven; and shorts on campus (mostly BYU-I shorts—just remember to wear warm-ups)."

Clark wrote, "The dress and grooming standards are one of those small things on which big things depend. Obedience in small things creates a spirit of obedience in all things."

The comments on Clark's Facebook page have been lively:

"What a nosy ninny! Is he a President of a college or a Victorian grandmother?"

"Remember, if you go to BYUI you voluntarily chose to go and to follow the rules."

"Why would God be bothered about such petty ridiculousness?"

"I'm not against the dress code so much as against getting dressed generally."