Body Found In Snake River Still Unidentified


A full week has come and gone since the body of a woman was discovered in the Snake River and she remains unidentified.

The woman's body was pulled from the water between the Perrine Bridge and the Centennial Park boat ramp, according to the Twin Falls Times-News, on the afternoon of Sept. 9. Officials said at the time that her body had not been in the water long.

But according to the Times-News, "investigators are beginning to run out of options."

"There's nothing," Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office investigator Dave Benefiel told the Times-News, referring to a lack of scars or tattoos on the woman's body. "And that's the whole problem."

Twin Falls law enforcement say they've compared notes with seven agencies from Idaho and surrounding states, but nothing matches missing persons reports.

"I just wish there was something," Benefiel told the Times-News. "This is fairly odd."

The woman was dressed in black clothing but no identification was found. Officials theorized that she jumped from the Perrine Bridge.

Investigators are running the woman's fingerprints through a nationwide database.

She's described as 45-50 years old; five foot, seven inches tall; 177 pounds, with brown hair and hazel eyes.