Idaho Teacher Ousted After 'Inappropriate' Texts to Students


A veteran North Idaho teacher has been forced into retirement in the wake of sending what officials said were "inappropriate" text messages to some of his students.

The Bonner County Daily Bee said Rod Swerin. a life sciences teacher at Sandpoint Middle School, was granted a leave of absence over the summer, which has transitioned into retirement. He did not face criminal charges following a formal investigation by Sandpoint Police. 

The Daily Bee reports that the messages "describe a dream [Swerin] had in which the student and another student were present," and that one of the students was not clothed. In other messages, the Daily Bee reports that Swerin "notes that the naked student was proud of his manhood" and "expressed doubt that he could handle both of the students."

Swerin said the messages were the result of "having a few too many drinks."

Meanwhile, the school district has formed a new policy "regulating staff interactions with students on social media networks and messaging platforms," according to the Daily Bee.

Swerin said the texts were "an isolated incident and the result of joking around that went too far."

"I did something stupid that I shouldn't have done," he said. "I didn't want, after 30 years of teaching, for it to come to that."