AP: SCOTUS Hints at Consideration of Same-Sex Marriage Issue—But Not Idaho's Same-Sex Marriage Issue


The Supreme Court of the United States formally added same-sex marriage cases to the agenda for its Monday, Sept. 29 closed-door conference, the Associated Press reports.

While the action doesn't guarantee that it will hear state appeals of lower court rulings striking down same-sex marriage bans, the move is significant in that it's the first time the issue has gone before the justices. 

As Idaho's own same-sex marriage ban is being mulled over by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals—which  suggested during oral arguments this week that the matter will eventually appear before SCOTUS—cases filed by Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin may be considered for judicial review during the conference. 

If the Supreme Court accepts same-sex marriage cases for its docket at the conference, a ruling of some kind on the issue may be issued as soon as late June 2015.