Dept. of Labor Launches Campaign to Gain Idaho Workers


  • Idaho Department of Labor

The Idaho Department of Labor has a problem. The state's workforce has to grow by 109,000 in the next decade to keep up with the state's economy. But according to a KTVB report, the workforce population is expected to grow only by 13,000.

So on Sept. 8, the Department of Labor announced the launch of a campaign to retain, return and recruit Idaho workers called Choose Idaho. The idea is to match up employers with job seekers by connecting incoming resumes with job openings in the state. 

The website is up and running, and currently accepting resumes. KTVB reported that professional recruiters within the department will oversee the applications and within three days, contact job seekers to match their skills with current job openings. Idaho businesses can also list jobs on the site as well.

Kenneth Edmunds, the director of the Department of Labor, told KTVB that Idaho is losing employees to other states, especially workers between the ages of 20 and 29. 

"We are going to go out and become more active in recruiting our people," he said. "Recruiting the people who are in our universities and colleges now, recruiting the people who've left and bringing more people in to satisfy the needs of our economy."