IDFG: Keep an Eye Out for Wolves and Bears


  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services
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The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is making a push to collar as many breeding wolf pairs as possible before the end of the month, but the department is taking advantage of the thousands of hunters that adventure into Idaho's backcountry to lend a hand. IDFG wants area hunters to keep an eye out for wolves and grizzly bears, too, and report the sightings. 

According to a news release from IDFG, a condition of removing wolves from the endangered species list requires the agency to document 15 breeding pairs with pups each year until 2016. According to the Idaho Falls Post Register, that helps ensure healthy numbers of wolves in the wild.

"We're at the point where we need to be sure we meet the criteria for the recovery," Fish and Game regional conservation educator Gregg Losinski told the Post Register. "Right now our top priority is wolves. Right now, if you see a bunch of wolves together, you can still tell which are pups and which are [adults]. As we get later into the fall, that becomes more difficult." 

The documentation is due Dec. 31, making help from the sportsmen heading out for fall's hunting season crucial. IDFG hopes for specific whereabouts of wolves and even better, recorded footage of wolves from trail cams.

The agency is also gathering data on the recovery and management of grizzly bears and encourages sportsmen to report sightings of them as well. All wolf and bear sightings can be reported online.