Idaho Ranks as Most Obese State in The West


Obesity is on the rise in the Gem State.

According to a report from The State of Obesity, Idaho is the 24th most obese state in the U.S.—that's up from the 32nd most obese state in 2012, and 30th most obese in 2011. It is the most obese state of the 11 states west of the Dakotas, with an adult obesity rate of 29.6 percent.

Idaho is one of six states that have shown statistically significant increases in adult obesity. The others are Alaska, Delaware, New Jersey, Tennessee and Wyoming. 

The report found that two states had rates above 35 percent—Mississippi and West Virginia, each with 35.1 percent obesity rates; 20 had obesity rates at or above 30 percent, and 43 states have rates above 25 percent.

Colorado has laid claim to the lowest obesity rate in the country. In 2007, it had a rate of 18.4 percent. By 2013, its adult obesity rate had grown to 21.3 percent.