Memorial Haunts Oregon Beach After Sand Collapse Kills Child


Flowers and candles have started to appear near an area of an Oregon beach where a tragic sand collapse claimed the life of a child on Friday.

A 9-year-old girl was rushed to a local hospital, but later died, after she was swallowed by a hole in the beach, suffocating the child.

Witnesses said 9-year-old Isabel Franks was digging in the sand on a beach in Lincoln City, Ore., when the sand collapsed beneath her.

"Everybody was just digging and digging frantically and then a first responder jumped down into the hole and it took between five and 10 minutes to get her up," witness Debbie Kohl told Portland TV station KGW.

Lincoln Police said there had been reports of previous sand collapses at the popular tourist attraction.

"This is a horrific accident," Lincoln Police Sgt. Brian Eskridge told NBC News. "Anytime you've got a sand structure, if they dig, there's the potential someone can get trapped in it. It's really dangerous, and people aren't aware of it."