All Idaho Albertsons Stores Were Hacked In Data Breach


More details came out late Friday involving the data breach of Albertsons stores. It turns out that hackers will able to access data from all of Albertsons stores throughout Idaho, Washington and Montana.

Two weeks ago, Albertsons officials confirmed that hundreds of their stores throughout their network of locations had been hacked, but didn't mention exactly which stores had been hit.

But KHQ-TV reports that all of the company's stores in Idaho, Washington and Montana were targeted, compromising shoppers' data between June 22 and July 17. AB Acquisition, an Albertsons subsidiary, confirmed the update.

Store officials say if consumers aren't sure if they shopped at Albertsons during the time of the breach, they urge them to look through credit card or bank statements to check their records. They're offering consumer identity protection services at 1-855-865-4449.