One Hour After New Idaho Underpass Opens... Crash!


It took less than an hour for a newly christened Idaho underpass to be the scene of an accident Thursday.

KIDK-TV reports that state and local officials cut the ribbon on a new underpass on the Yellowstone Highway in Idaho Falls on the morning of Aug. 28. Less than 60 minutes later, a truck crashed into the structure.

"I just turned and I was like, 'Really? Already?' You know, I can't believe it," said Mitch Anderson, who works at a nearby auto shop. "I had a customer stop in [Thursday] morning and he was saying, 'You know, it would be a good promotion to take bets on when the first accident's going to happen in the underpass."

The truck driver was cited for inattentive driving and the city of Idaho Falls sent out a press release reminding motorists that the underpass has a 12-foot clearance.